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How To Inoculate Grain Spawn with A Spore Syringe

Inoculating Substrate Bags with Spore Syringes (Level 1 – Beginners)

Inoculating substrate bags with spore syringes is a straightforward method suitable for hobby mycologists. Select a suitable substrate according to the mushroom species you intend to cultivate. Detailed substrate information can be found in our spore product descriptions.

Recommended Materials:

  • Substrate bag (tailored to the mushroom species) – such as a rye-Vermiculite mix with maximum moisture content

  • Spore syringe

  • Workspace disinfectant

  • Kitchen paper towels

  • Tape (cloth tape)

Surface Disinfection:

To prevent contamination during inoculation, disinfect the surface (where you'll insert the needle). Apply disinfectant spray (e.g., Bacillol) to the bag, let it react for 20-30 seconds, then dry it with clean kitchen paper.


Shake the syringe to distribute the spores evenly. Insert the needle into the bag (above substrate level) at the disinfected area and inject the spore solution of the same species into the bag. Use approximately 10-20 ml (1-2 syringes) for small bags (2.5 L content) and 20-30 ml (2-3 spore syringes) for larger bags (4.5 L content).

Note: If the needle contacts any unsterile material, heat-sterilize it using an alcohol lamp or lighter until the front part glows red. Let it cool for a few seconds.

Seal the Inoculation Area: Immediately seal the inoculation area with tape. Shake the bag gently to distribute the spores evenly in the substrate.


Spawn Run:

Store the bag at the recommended 'spawn run' temperature (as specified in product descriptions) in a dark place for substrate colonization. Once fully colonized by the mushroom, transfer it to the fruiting chamber. If using rye grain substrate, it's possible to inoculate a different fruiting substrate with the grain.

Tip: If substrate colonization isn't even, shake the bag approximately 10 days after seeing mycelium growth around it.