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Purple Mystic Spore Syringe

Psilocybe Cubensis


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Purple Mystic Spore Syringe

Purple Mystic Spore Syringe

Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock

Purple Mystic Mushroom Spores

Behold our Purple Mystic spore syringe microscopy kit, complete with a generous 10ml supply of premium Purple Mystic mushroom spores delicately encased within a laboratory-grade syringe. An accompanying sterile needle is thoughtfully included to support your research endeavors.

Please be advised that these Purple Mystic mushroom spores are exclusively intended for microscopy purposes, and we regretfully cannot fulfill orders to California, Idaho, or Georgia.

Overview of Purple Mystic strain

The enigmatic Purple Mystic mushroom strain traces its origins to a Floridian cow pasture, where its mystique was first unveiled. Renowned for their extraordinary potency, these cubensis mushrooms boast psilocybin levels that reach astronomical heights.

Enthusiasts have eagerly shared their tales of the mesmerizing and ever-evolving hallucinogenic experiences that these remarkable mushrooms can evoke.

When encountered in the wild, these distinctive fungi are readily identifiable by the prominent purple ring encircling their golden-brown caps, a characteristic that lends them their captivating name.

This captivating purple-blue hue is a testament to their robust psilocybin content. These mushrooms typically stand tall, featuring slender stems and broad, flat caps.

The Purple Mystic strain has swiftly gained favor among seasoned researchers. Its rapid fruiting abilities have cemented its status as a top-tier choice and a coveted addition to the library of any dedicated researcher.

Dive into the world of Purple Mystic and embark on your research journey! 🍄💜